Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Don't Even ask

I'm not even sure where I've been. I know I've worked, I know I've attended a few births, I know I've done some laundry, and made a few meals. Most importantly I've watched The Blacklist. But other than all that, not much of anything else comes to me.
Maybe I should read the last couple weeks of FB posts to jog my memory (which will be the only way I jog, and only if that will even work).

Lots of hairstyle tryouts for Gracie and makeup studio in my very own dining room. I hope that when 20 years passes, I can say "I was her first subject". Because if we keep on going like this, I may have to kill myself. Having somebody else put eyeliner and mascara on you is quite uncomfortable. I like my vision and want to keep it.

We've even been fighting a bit of a bug. We had puke, diarrhea, colds, headaches, and body aches. Missed school and tons of arguing because WAYYYY too much time together in one small space.

I was thinking about the space before I went to sleep. And wouldn't you know, I had a dream about it. We were moving back into where we used to live, a tiny apartment in Clinton. But of course it wasn't the way it was. And the previous people changed things and added bed space in eves, and refrigerators filled with random food in various places. I have no idea if that dream had any meaning other than I'm feeling cabin fever and love food. But anywho, I need spring and I need it now.

In other news I've gained back about 5 lbs that I lost during the fall. So now lies the predicament. Eat less or move more? I'm thinking of moving more, ie. back to the gym. The only thing that truly holds me back is time. Well, and the moving part if I'm totally honest. I'm one of those memes. Like the one that shows a woman planking, what she feels like. And then the picture below of what she looks like. Yep. That's me. No balance, coordination, strength, or muscle. Ugh. Which is exactly why I need to go. (Somebody please help me.)

The kids are all good. Noah is the most precious little guy and I have no ambition to get anything done when he's around. All I care about is cuddling that little package of sweet smelling squishy love.

Okay. Enough of that. How are you? Whatcha all been up to? How are you beating the winter blues? Fill me in, give me hope. Drag me to the gym...


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  1. NIce to hear from you. :) We think of you often! I go to a great fitness class in Hudson at Rising Sun ($5 drop in) and love it. Sats 9:30 if you want to come... :)